She’s Coming Back To Life

Captain’s Log: 2016.04.07 Th. :P

“You Should Embrace That Which Defines You”

Uff! This mind of mine… So, yeah, I’m alive. I’ve updated the site a bit. Changed the theme and tweaked here and there… how’s it looking? Good, right!?

Oh it feels good giving you some attention. Don’t hate me… it’s been a tough time and I’m sorry. You still love me?

I’m having difficulty typing because I have a few of my fingers quarantined in medical tape because I’ve had a third bout of some mysterious unbearable anxiety induced rash ): I know yuck! Turn away, don’t look at me!

Anyway, it’s getting better… no more itching. I’m finally healing… Finally. And it was a good idea to tape those suckers up and not look at them because I ended up healing faster! The first time I had it, it lasted a hellish 4 weeks! 4 weeks can you imagine!? I’m sure you can, try harder -_-  :p

By the time all was said and done my fingers looked like fucking zombie hands! No lie! it was awful! Hug me!… Someone! HUG ME!…

Other stuff happened too but I shant get into those now. I’m still recovering from those times and haven’t processed them all enough to dump them here before your eyes. That’ll come later. so why mention it here then? I don’t know stream of thought… it is what it is. I’m on a ride.

So, Art and Creative stuff right? it’s late… and my fingers :p I do have some stuff and will post them soon though. Pinky Promise!

Pinky Promise?


I have some paintings and pendants I’ve been working on that I want you to see!


“You should embrace that which defines you.”

What defines me and how should I go and embrace it?

I was thinking about Shel Silverstein my guide and mentor when I was a baby, a wee little thing. I stole his books from the library in elementary school :D

Anywhoooo, his brilliant piece “Mask” stumbled back into my life this week…

Mask by Shel Silverstein

“She had blue skin,

And so did he.

He kept it hid

And so did she.

They searched for blue

Their whole life through,

Then  past right by –

And never knew”

and you know what? Even now it is so profound to me.

I feel like I need to drop more of my “masks” I feel like I desperately need to find my blue people… my true people… If I keep hiding parts of myself because I feel they are unpleasant and too raw for people around me, people that mean something to me… and my truer self pushes them away…

If we break the hurt will be unbearable but what I am doing is not showing myself to those who are seeking someone just like me. Someone I am afraid to be… the pain and anguish of vulnerability… The words I say, the way I am, the risks I’ve yet to take… the struggle I go through just to contain myself… what I am trying to be and what I am trying to give a voice to… and being afraid of it all and watching myself set mines of self sabotage… I want personal freedom.

what defines me anyway? I’m a fucking roller-coaster. I got to figure my shit out. I got to get myself free.

{peace, love, health, wealth + happiness}

And So It Seems, The Clouds Have Lifted Off

Good Morning/Afternoon and or Evening

The clouds have lifted… or so it seems. Feels real good, real nice.

“Don’t do time in life like a helpless, shackled victim of circumstances. Analyze, plan, design, monitor and create your life. Turn yourself into a skilled craftsman. You have the power of choice. What you choose to do in every moment is up to you. Choose higher thoughts and higher actions. Be Mindful”

– Peace, love, health and happiness /Irma O

The following are some Les Brown Audio. Download them and listen to them when you drive or whenever. It’s the best (:

#Daily #Motivation #Art #Writing: “Trekking” – 03132013 – No. p0020.13 – Poetry

Wed. 03/13/13 – 05:38:38 AM

No. p0020.13 – Irma O.

-My friend – my friend

where have you been?

I thought you were lost and possibly dead

but instead here you stand

with your heart in your hand

– It’s a new day – a new Day

a new slate – a new you

I knew you – could do it

and do it well

– Step back – relax

do not relapse but enhance your will

your strength is stronger than this still

– Nothing is ever as bad as it seems

though it seems so hard and dark and frightening

There is always a way out of everything

– I see you there

finding your center and making repairs

idling in in the torrents of motion

interwoven with explosions of devotion

transcending and landing and planning again

– I’ve grown accustom to your errs and your successes

I’ve grown accustom to your starry stares

your lovely spells and your constant trekking into the ever after

and into the here and now

– I made you a promise and I will keep my vow

I’m coming to save you – I’m on my way now

– we will supersede- with all good things

with the lessons we’ve learned

and the gifts from our journey

– the gifts that have made us so strong and so sturdy

by words of wisdom handed down to the worthy

handed down to the dreamers, survivors and me

* Good Morning / Afternoon and or Evening!

Remember to Mold, Make, Create, take the time to quiet the mind and breath…Stay Cool, Calm and Collected make it a beautiful, positive and productive day!


#Daily #Motivation #Art #Writing: “Trekking” – 03132013 – No. p0020.13

#Daily #Motivation #Art #Writing: 0-1 From Here – 03122013 – No. p0019.13

#Daily #Motivation #Art #Writing: 0-1 From Here – 03122013 – No. p0019.13

0-1 From Here
Tue. 03/12/13 – 05:30:31 AM

No. p0019.13 – Irma O.

– Look at these pages !

Incomplete thoughts captured

and held for ransom at a different time

with a different state of mind

– I am you and you are me

but we are so different now it’s

it’s relieving yet scarring me

what am I to do with you?

– How do I twist you free from that long lost?

darkness that you’ve come to show me here?

or should I continue with the torture?

why did I keep you?

Why so many disconnected thoughts gathered here?

– Leaving clues as if from a channeling

a haunting, trapped while living in a vast barren confined space

dry and dark and void of color… yet always shooting colorful fireworks

into the menacing thundering sky who would not release the rain

– Contradiction – contradiction always talking in ridiculous contradictions

but that’s how it flows so that’s how it goes

and goes on it’s way – traveling through the universe that is my head

– and landing on this page and the page is no longer paper

and is it ones and zeros and zeros and ones

and you are now dependent on electricity

Fahrenheit 451’s got nothing on thee

– what will we leave behind for the archaeologists to find?

* Good Morning / Afternoon and or Evening!

Remember to Mold, Make, Create, take the time to quiet the mind and breath…Stay Cool, Calm and Collected make it a beautiful, positive and productive day!



#Daily #Motivation #Art #Writing: Turn The Key 03112013 – No. p0018.13

#Daily #Motivation #Art #Writing: Turn The Key 03112013 – No. s0019.13

Habits Quotes

New Formations
Mon. 03/11/13 – 06:11:39 AM

No. p0018.13 – Irma O.

– And in this space that we occupy

in this hole that you’ve provided

we wallow in this misery of impossible connections

– This is love – this is love – this is love

– you’ve opened up the gift of

hope, faith, trust and positivity

-Reprogramming and forming new connections

rerouting and ignoring the useless ones

– recitations and proclamations

new substantial information for a new reality

– This is love – this is love – this is love

– And patience is a gift

and silence is reward and the calm mind reforms

into a new entity

– Full of life and light colorful and bright

as synapses spark and pop and jolt into sound formations

of new energy

– This is peace of mind and the respect of time

this is what it feels like when you finally wake up

– This is love – this is love – this is love

* everything is possible, there are no rules , own the control.

make it a lovely and productive day.